User Agreement

Effective From: March 01, 2018

Infolink PC Support is a unit that develops the security systems for your Computers. Hence, it is a completely Digital Product which will be delivered via Customer's e-mail ID. No physical exchange will happen in any kind of purchase from this website whatsoever.

1. User Agreement

It is understood that by purchasing from Infolink PC Support, customer is aware of the fact that it is his/her sole responsibility after purchase to handle the Software we are providing. No door-to-door assistance will be given. Yet, customer is free to call us for any kind of query tat he/she faces duing the installation process.

2. Your CONSENT to deal with us

Since the customer is dealing with us as Infolink PC Support, we are abide to provide only those products & services which are mentioned here on this website. Any similar kind of services which are not mentioned in the website will not be in the scope of the company.

2.1 Your Consent about Payment system

It is a completely Digital Purchase in terms of both, Product and Payment. Hence, once the payment is transected successfully, NO REFUND WILL BE POSSIBLE IN ANY FORM OR SERVICE.

2.2 Provide us your correct information

While purchasing any product from us, customer is abide to provide us his/her correct information. In case of mismatching of the real identity, Customer will be solely responsible for that unauthetication. Infolink PC Support is no more involved in this kind of mismatching.

2.3 Make sure about your choice

We as Infolink PC Support are into various kinds of products and services suitable to your Computer depending upon the type of business you are involved with. It is the responsibility of Customer to choose from the different options of the software in order to decide which one is best appropriate product for his/her Business. Any mistake in chosing the product will not be replaced once Payment is transected successfully.

3. Purpose to take our service

Your purpose to take our services should be only and only for end-user agreement. Any reselling of the already purchased product from Infolink PC Support is strictly prohibited.

4. Accessability

The product purchased from Infolink PC Support is workable on the Windows Platform only for the Computer Systems. Any other platforms or systems are not eligible for our product. And hence, we are not into providing Customer Support other than Windows Computer Systems.


Although Infolink PC Support provides 24x7 Contact & Call support, subject to the technical feasibility, Customer is supposd to take a token number and to wait till his/her query is raised in our system and we assign a suitable technician to solve the query online.

6. Payment Policy

Infolink PC Support assures you with quality content which is value for money. But, we are very clear in our policy that once order is placed by you, we will not make any refund to you whatsoever. You can check the product features before making your order. But, after placing your order and confirming the order by sending us an email, we will not refund you your money nor we will replace the product.